Home Window Film in Colorado

Here at Home Window Tinting Denver, we are proud to offer our home window film service to clients in Littleton, Centennial, Golden, Englewood and Evergreen Colorado. We have installed home solar control window film in these great cities since 1986. Our favorite product to work with is our Eastman Vista VE-35 Ambiance. Its Home Window Tinting Denver’s best product for saving money on your home Xcel energy bill and reducing hot and cold spots in your house. The Vista VE-35 is the window film industries top performing residential 35%. Vista VE-35 filters 72% of the summer heat from penetrating your home. What does this mean to you? Our Vista VE-35 will save approximately 50% on your summertime cooling costs. It will also maximize the life of your air-conditioning unit. Air conditioning systems last much longer when operating at 70% versus 90%. If your air-conditioner runs most of the day in the summer and never satisfies the thermostat, you need this product. Every 200 square feet of applied Vista VE-35 Ambiance is equal to approximately one ton of air conditioning. We have a great Case Study of our Vista VE- series films that is hyperlinked here.

The Colorado sun is very intense! Our customers that live in these great cities love Colorado because we typically get over 300 days a year of sunshine. Most long-time residents know how damaging the sun is in our climate. Recent transplants, however, may not realize how damaging the ultraviolet rays can be to leather couches, hardwood flooring, draperies, blinds, artwork, etc. Our Colorado customers have many things working against them as far as protecting these valuable items. Since we’re a mile- high the damage dramatically intensifies for every thousand feet in elevation that your home is located. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that the risk is 5% greater for every thousand feet higher you are above sea level. Add to that the fact we enjoy bright, sunny, blue skies over 300 days a year and you can see why the damage happens so fast. Our Vista VE-35 blocks 99.9% of the suns damaging UV and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a method of reducing your risk against skin cancer while inside your home.

This is what really sets us apart from our competition. The vast majority of our competitors are selling solar films that don’t offer any wintertime savings. How could this be? Vista is the only product that has been engineered for our climate. Look at the Emissivity rating of other window film products. They either won’t indicate the Emissivity rating on their Specification Cards or it will be .84.

Double pane clear glass without a low-E coating has an Emissivity rating of .84. This means that 84% of the heat that your furnace generates escapes out the window. Our Vista VE-35 has an Emissivity rating of .29. That’s 55% better than our competitors are offering. What this means is that 55% of the heat generated by your furnace will be re-radiated back into the home versus escaping through your glazing system.

Check the manufacturer’s Specification Cards to make sure that the film your considering purchasing really offers you a wintertime benefit. Most of our competitors say that their film will hold the heat in your home in the winter but their manufacturer’s Specification Cards tell a different story. They provide no winter time savings. If you install this type of technology in your Colorado home, it will actually cost you more money on your energy bills.  That’s a pretty big deal! Please contact us at 720-401-4940 so we can show you how our Vista window films blow the competition away or email us at info@homewindowtintingdenver.com.