Home Window Tinting Denver Eastman Vista V-51 Installation in Luxury Evergreen, Colorado Home

Home Window Tinting Denver installed Eastman Vista V-51 in a luxury Evergreen, Colorado home. This customer had wonderful views of the Mount Evans range, Squaw Pass, and Chief Mountain that simply could not be compromised. They were looking for a film with zero reflectivity and one that wouldn’t alter the look of their home from the exterior. After recently purchasing motorized blinds for their great room area they realized that the effect really darkened the room.

The solar exposed glazing in this home totaled 1,650 sf with 116 panes and the home really heated up during the day. Some of the rooms would get to over 80° F. The Vista Harmony Series of window films utilize proprietary metals and ceramic layers designed to provide superior heat rejection and moderate glare control with extremely low interior and exterior reflectivity. The Harmony Terre creates a warm, earth tone hue. These films were specifically designed for areas with excessive heat and glare problems. Since Vista utilizes ultra-clear polyester and their proprietary CDF (clear distortion free) adhesive, the view enhancement on this home was amazing. The end result was just what they wanted. The exterior of the home did not change at all and the view can be enjoyed all day long.

The Vista V-51 blocks 57% of the sun’s total energy, making spaces much more comfortable and reducing hot and cold spots. This film has the ability to block 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which is what causes damage to the interior of your home. UV damage increases by 5% for every 1,000 feet in elevation. Since this home is located at 7,500 feet, the damage was significant. Blinds, window coverings, furniture, artwork, and flooring can be destroyed by the Colorado sun in less than a year.

When we did the estimate on this home, the customer pulled back a rug covering their hardwood floors that were newly installed and couldn’t believe that they were already fading. Now they are blocking 99.9% of the UV radiation with a Vista product that is recommended by the skin cancer foundation.