Why Llumar Window film is the Very Best for Comfort and Home Energy Efficiency

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place you go to recharge your batteries, connect with your loved ones and establish your roots. Because of that, comfort is of utmost importance and most of the time, that has to do with temperature. Depending on where you live, the weather patterns can affect your comfort level if you don’t plan accordingly. In Denver, for example, the temperature and weather shift all the time thanks to the 300 days of sunshine sandwiched between the occasional snowstorms and standard winter weather.

While the sun is a welcome sight, it still can change how comfortable you feel in your own home relatively quickly. Too much sun can cause glare, heat up your home suddenly and wear out the color of your furniture. So, what’s the solution?

Llumar® Window Films are a great way to exercise some control over your home environment and not have to worry about the sun disrupting it. What are the benefits of Llumar® Window Films?


Sudden shifts in heat can cause higher than expected energy bills. Standard windows can only do so much. They are often times a simple piece of glass that doesn’t do a very good job of separating you from the outside elements. Air escapes through standard windows all the time and it can drastically raise your energy bills. Llumar® Window Film can help you keep the cold, or heat, at bay while preventing your energy costs from going through the roof.

Improve Comfort

Llumar® window films block excess heat. This makes it so your air conditioner doesn’t work so hard.  You don’t have to worry about raising your drapes and increasing the temperature. You can enjoy the sun without it being too overbearing. You can also choose from a wide range of different window films. Each and every room, depending on how you design it, requires a different set of lighting to set the mood.

Expert Installation

If you don’t know what kind of window film to install, you can reach out to a LLumar® SelectPro™ dealer that can help you along the way. This means you’ll get your window film for each and every room just right for saving money. Because every room requires different film depending on where it faces the sun, you’ll want an expert technician to audit every room in your home.

Reduce Glare

While most people sign up for the energy efficiency and savings, it’s the glare reduction that provides the icing on the cake. You’ll maintain your beautiful outdoor views all the same without the excessively hot sun in your face. Surprisingly, you won’t even need any blinds and you can enjoy your favorite show or e-book without the sun causing any issues. Your LLumar window film can reduce glare up to 93%.

Protect your Furniture

It takes time and money to get your home just how you want it to be. There is nothing more frustrating to see your favorite couch fall victim to a sunspot over time. This can be avoided with the right window film. The right window film reduces glare and protects your favorite furniture in the process. This also goes for paintings, curtains, upholstery, artwork, carpets, wood flooring, and your skin! The more your skin and eyes are protected from the sun, the less they will be negatively impacted as you age.