Tinting Your Denver Home

Denver, Colorado experiences on average over 300 days of sunshine per year. Seattle, Washington is said to have approximately 152 days of sunshine. Big difference! With that said, Denver area homeowners are constantly struggling with maintaining a comfortable temperature in their homes without spending a fortune on utility bills.
Most homeowners spend their money on shades, blinds and other expensive window treatments. The problem with this is that when the blinds are down, they lose their view to the outside. This is a huge negative for most people, especially if they have killer mountain views! Another problem with this is that the sun’s heat is still passing through the glass and as a result of this, its damaging the window treatments that were installed originally to fix the problem.
To make matters worse, not only are you destroying your beautiful window treatments, but you’re also damaging your flooring, art work and furniture! Flooring and furniture can be replaced, but its expensive to do so. Art work on the other hand is often irreplaceable.
Let’s not ignore the damage to your skin either. Colorado actually has the highest per-capita rate of skin cancer, so let’s get you protected!
For over 35 years, Home Window Tinting Denver has been helping Denver area homeowners literally beat the heat. We have an arsenal of window film products in stock that are guaranteed to reduce the solar energy transmitted through your glass and all of our films provide 99% UV protection. Call Home Window Tinting Denver today at 720-401-4940 to learn more about how we can help you protect your home and the valuable things inside it.