Residential UV Protection Denver

Rug pulled back showing UV wood floor damage

At an elevation of 5,280, Denver is a popular location for UV glass protection window films. Our LLumar AU-85 UV SR Clear window film offers the highest level of visible light transmittance, while knocking out 99.9% of the harmful ultraviolet rays. This Eastman Chemicals LLumar product is used where the sole concern is UV protection…

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Inside Eastman’s LLumar® Window Films

Image of quality testing inside of Eastman's Llumar factory

What are Eastman Performance Films? Removable Release Liner Only use the highest quality raw materials Deep dying process State of the art vacuum metalizing systems creating superior heat control properties Coating and laminating process where all processes are combined with the best adhesives Can withstand to repeated glass cleaning Created at the largest integrated window…

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