Residential Security Window Film Denver

Home improvement projects continue to be on the upswing. Kitchen and bath remodels, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, hot tubs-you name it, and there’s someone out there doing it.

Installing security systems with cameras and quick feeds to cellular devices are becoming increasingly prevalent as our world becomes increasingly more dangerous. Crime can happen anywhere. It’s not just dedicated to rough, urban areas any longer. One commonly overlooked upgrade though is home security window film.

At Home Window Tinting Denver, we carry the world’s finest, most tried and true security window film products available. Our LLumar Anti-Intrusion Security Window Film offers an extra layer of security for your home. These water-clear or slightly tinted films help reduce the impact of threats such as break-in’s, vandalism, accidents and even hail. They are designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows and doors. Heavy duty polyester that’s bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives are what gives these films their strength. Once installed, these safety and security films steadfastly shield against unwelcome surprises.

Home Window Tinting Denver is also a C-Bond glass strengthener dealer. There are only two window film companies in Colorado authorized to carry this product. C-Bond is a patent protected, water-based, non-toxic, nanotechnology innovation designed to significantly increase the strength of glass, enhance glass flexibility and improve the performance of window film-to-glass products. It literally makes glass 100 times stronger. When combined with our LLumar Safety and Security Window Films, damage from external threats to your home can be greatly reduced.

Installing home window film isn’t a do it yourself venture though. There are some projects that would be better served with the help of professionals. The installation professionals at Home Window Tinting Denver are some of the most experienced installers in the area, which guarantees you a top-notch installation.

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