Low-E Window Film Evergreen CO

Evergreen, Colorado is a beautiful town located about 20 minutes from Denver. Its known for its gorgeous homes and spectacular mountain views. Many homes in Evergreen boast giant spans of glass that enhance your ability to enjoy all that nature provides. While its wonderful to take in the views, it can also create issues with excessive UV and heat load. Most homes at this altitude do not have air conditioning because its typically not terribly hot for long periods of time. Most homeowners simply open their windows and take in the fresh air.
Interestingly enough, climate change seems to be impacting these temperatures. What was once not an issue, is now becoming one. Here is where window film can help. Home Window Tinting Denver specializes in helping Evergreen residents choose the right window film to help alleviate any problem areas they might have. We carry only the finest, best performing window films available.
Take for example our LLumar Low-e series of films. While most window tints are designed specifically to block out heat in warmer months, Low-e films take it a step further by re-radiating warm air off the glass and back into your room in the winter. Some people refer to them as “all-season” films.

Ambiance VE-35 SR CDF
Rejects up to 72% of solar energy

Radiance VE-50 SR CDF
Rejects up to 57% of solar energy

Both products provide 99% UV protection and help retain heat in cooler months, thus reducing year-round energy costs. These films are manufactured by Eastman, the worlds largest window film maker. They come with a Lifetime Warranty from Eastman for the product and a Lifetime Warranty from Home Window Tinting Denver for the installation.