Home Window Tinting Vail, Colorado

There’s a lot to love about Vail Colorado! Majestic mountain views, world-class skiing and boarding, rock climbing, hiking- you name it. Vail Colorado is most commonly associated with luxury living.

When 22 year old Bob Lazier and his wife Diane first came to Vail Colorado in January 1963, they spent the night sleeping in there Morris Minor Woody’s station wagon. It was bitterly cold. The resort had been open for just 18 days, and Bob and Diane had little money and no jobs. But they had was a passion for skiing and the optimistic grip of youth. The next day she got a job as a waitress and Bob made beds.

Today Lazier, now a vigorous 68 stands in a cavernous penthouse loft with three decks and magnificent views overlooking the steeply forested Gore Range in two locations. When it was furnished in 2016 the Lazier’s 3500 square-foot home became the crowning touch on the $30 million basement to shingles rebuild of their 62 room Tivoli Lodge. Situated right at the edge of the ski mountain, built of hand dressed stone and outfitted with custom cabinetry, the families new home matches up the coziness of old-time Tyrolean Alps with digital age comforts like controlled lighting systems and Swedish walk-in showers with body jets.

The latest change in lifestyle echoes the evolution of Vail itself. What began 45 years ago as a speculative gamble by a handful of young skiing enthusiast has long since morphed into a playground for affluent boomers and their progeny. And the renovation of the Tivoli is just a tiny part of a new wave of transformations coming to Vail, Colorado. Dubbed the billion-dollar renewal, this aggregate of independent building and renovation projects will do more than add another level of sheen. It would change what the Vail experience is all about and point the way for the future of the ski industry as a whole.

So, you’re probably asking yourself what does all of this exciting history have to do with Home Window Tinting. Well, I’m glad you asked! Even the swankest of homes have the need for solar and glare control window film. Large spans of glass can create havoc on the comfort of your home during winter and summer months.

Our Vista Low-e window films provide an insulating barrier to windows that improves your energy efficiency by helping retain heat in the winter and helping keep out heat in the summer. These window films will help keep your Vail Colorado home more comfortable year-round!

Vista Ambience VE-35 SR CDF:

  • Rejects up to 72% of solar energy and retains heat in cooler months reducing year-round energy costs

Vista Radiance VE-50 SR CDF

  • Rejects up to 57% of solar energy and retains heat in cooler months reducing year-round energy costs

Both of these elite films block 99% of the UV rays helping protect furnishings by reducing premature fading. They are specifically designed for colder climates to reduce heat loss using optically clear sputtered film with advanced color technology. Additionally, they come with a Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.

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