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Sunny, active, energetic Littleton Colorado enjoys over 245 days of sunshine per year which is one of the reasons we all love Colorado! Even during the winter months, sun glare and excess heat can be a problem in your home, adversely affecting flooring and fading fabric – the sun angle being lower this time of year lets the powerful direct UV light enter your home through your windows. In addition to that we get our fair share of snow which adds to the glare. In addition, glare can reflect off furnishings and fixtures and you watch as the sun marches up the walls and the winter glare gives you the squints! Working on a computer, attending business meetings, or watching TV in a sunlit room can be frustrating with too much sun glare. Repair the glare with window tint from Home Window Tinting Denver!

Home Window Tinting Denver has you covered – our top of the line Eastman Vista window film line up helps solve the problem of winter glare. Our solar window films are professionally installed on the widows of these exposed rooms and can reduce glare by up to (80%) while still letting natural light pass through. Our window film is available in a variety of shades and blocks almost 100% of damaging UV rays. Our top of the line films also creates a protective thermal barrier, offering the benefit of rejecting more than 50% of the solar heating to minimize cooling costs during the summer months and conversely, in the cold winter months our films can reflect up to 20% of the radiant heat back inside. Our window films give you the freedom to uncover your windows and enjoy the view!

Our newest product is a light reactive transitional film that darkens from a lighter to a darker tint when exposed to harmful ultraviolet UV-A wavelengths in sunlight (specifically the 320 to 400nm wavelengths), functioning much like photochromic lenses in sunglasses This highly effective transitional film adapts to the intensity of the sun on your windows and doors. Ask about our line of CoolVu+1 film; on bright sunny days CoolVu reacts by darkening to reduce sun glare and heat gain. Our most comparable reflective film has a visible reflectance of 62% while the CoolVu has an exterior and interior reflectance of 9% which means that you can enjoy both night and daytime views without any reflectivity and actually see those gorgeous nighttime vistas instead of your own reflection!

We often get calls from folks who move to Colorado from more cloudy climates and are surprised at the amount (and power) of low angle winter sun glare, which usually becomes apparent after a year. Whether you are a newbie or a native, let Window Tinting Denver help solve your winter glare issue by calling for a consultation and quote today!

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