Home Window Tinting for Year Round Energy Savings

At Home Window Tinting Denver, we specialize in providing exceptional energy savings window films that make your Colorado mountain home more comfortable all year long. Most people only consider window film for summer time heat and glare protection. Our Eastman Chemicals Vista Low-e films go way beyond that by helping not only keep the heat out in the summer, but also by holding the heat in during the cold winter time months.

Vail, Aspen, Telluride, Keystone, Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs are great examples of high alpine living where adding an all-season film has a multitude of benefits. Living at elevation and surrounded by an abundance of glass leads to premature fading of interior furnishings and hardwood flooring as well as excessively high heating costs. Vista all-season energy control films allow you to live more comfortably closer to the glass when it’s really cold out. You know that favorite couch by the picture window that you love to sit in but never do when it’s really cold out? Vista all-season energy control films allow you to expand your comfort zone. Wherever there is glass, we can make it better!

Vista window films are approved by the Skin Cancer foundation as a preventive measure against skin cancer and cosmetic skin damage while inside your home. 90% of all non-injury related facial blemishes are cause by Ultra Violet radiation. UV has the ability to reflect into your home off of many types of surfaces such as snow, glass, paint etc. All Vista window films filter out 99.9% of the UV just like a good pair of sun glasses. You can look at it like sun glass for your home. The Colorado sun is destroying the inside of your home with over 300 days a year of sunshine. Your home is your biggest investment and Vista window films can protect your bottom line.

The Vista VE-50 Radiance window film is a semi- clear film that lets in 51% of the visible light. It filters out 99% of the UV, 57% of the summer heat and it holds in 43% of your interior heat during the cold, winter months. This film literally saves you money all year round. Eastman Chemicals Vista window films offer a return on investment in as little as 3 years. All other standard solar control films will actually cost you more money on your energy bill instead of saving you money. We are Colorado’s leader in Energy saving window films.

The Vista VE-35 Ambiance is a more reflective, higher performing version of the VE-50. It’s perfect for windows that you never plan to put window coverings on, such as high trapezoids and half-rounds. This film blocks 72% of the summer heat and holds in 55% of the winter heat for a year-round energy saving solution. Home Window Tinting Denver has over 30 years of experience installing home window tinting and have been approved by Eastman as your local dealer. We would be happy to provide you with a quote on our industry leading Vista Low-e window film products. You can upload a picture of your project to our secure website on our contacts page or you can simple email us @ info@homewindowtintingdenver.com.