Home Window Tinting Evergreen

Buying a new home is exciting and scary! In today’s hot Denver real estate market, inventory levels are at record lows which translates into extremely high buyer competition. Once you’ve finally, successfully made the purchase though, there’s often a myriad of other expenses that come along with it. Depending on whether you choose a new build or an existing home you may need to do certain updating or landscaping. You may also  need to decide between installing curtains, blinds or shades on your windows to help beat the heat and provide privacy. 

One question we often get a Home Window Tinting Denver (HWTD) is “what about window film?” or questions about whether they should purchase window treatments or window film instead. The short answer is that you need both and here is why.

Window treatments such as curtains or blinds are typically installed to make a decorative statement. They help pull together designer aspects of a room through the coordination of colors and textures. They also provide privacy as they can be closed when needed. What they don’t provide though us protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which are responsible for the fading of fabrics, window treatments, flooring and precious art work as well skin cancer. 

Since 1986, Home Window Tinting Denver has helped thousands of Metro Denver and Summit County residents not only reduce the heat in their homes but also enhance the aesthetic look of their properties through the use of high-quality window films. All of our products are manufactured by top window film makers, including LLumar, Vista, Huper Optik, CoolVu and Heat Shield. These are top of the line films that provide relief from the heat, skin cancer protection and help protect your home furnishings. Each product comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the product and labor. 

Using a combination of window film with shades, blinds or other window treatments is the ultimate in solar protection. There’s also another big reason why people choose window film. Depending on the type selected, window film provides daytime privacy, which allows you to leave the window treatment you have in your home open so you can enjoy your beautiful views and enjoy the natural light you love!

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