Home Window Tinting Denver UV Alert

The UV index forecast for Denver is expected to exceed 11 today. Anything over 11 is considered Extreme Sun Exposure. Since the ozone layer continues to show rapid and consistent depletion we can expect many more days this summer to be in the extreme UV exposure range. The risk

The risk of UV damage to your home, artwork and skin increases by approximately 5% for every 1000’ in elevation. Denver residents can expect much more damage to their home without a UV film applied. The risk is considerably greater for individuals living at higher altitudes, such as Evergreen, Vail, and Aspen. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends UV film as an effective protection against the harmful effects of the sun while inside your home.

UV rays can be reflected off of many types of objects such as water, snow or grass, but direct sunlight is by far the worst. The Colorado sun is destroying your home! Vista window film offers Denver homeowners the chance to filter out 99.9% of the UV before it gets a chance to destroy your home.