Home Window Film Denver

As the Denver Metro area continues it building boom, more and more homeowners are finding themselves living in close proximity to others. It’s uncomfortable and annoying when neighbors and strangers are found peeking through your window panes.

Home Window Tinting Denver gets it! We’ve been offering privacy window film solutions to Colorado residents since 1986. Our LLumar window films are the perfect solution to pesky people invading your privacy.

Check out our LLumar Glacier Frosted Window Film. This product has a privacy rating of 9 out of 10. This number, between 0 (clear) and 10 (opaque), represents the relative difficulty an observer has in identifying the nature and character of an object located on the opposite side of the window, with the observer and the object both located at least 2 feet from the pane upon which the product has been installed. Constructed of Polyester and a pressure-sensitive adhesive, our Glacier Frost offers modesty, while allowing light to gracefully shine through. It offers 99% UV protection, which will help protect not only your skin, but also your furnishings, hardwood floors and artwork.

Home Window Tinting Denver is Colorado “Dealer of the Year” for 2018.

If you’re looking for the best products at the best price installed by the “best of the best” window film company, call Home Window Tinting Denver at 720-401-4940 for a complementary, in-home consultation.