Home Security with Window Film in Denver

C-Bond technician, Dylan Coe performs a high-profile security window film glass protection system for homeowner in the Highland neighborhood of Denver. Highland is a city neighborhood bounded by West 38th Avenue on the north to the Union Pacific Railroad line to the east. The South Platte River boarders the southeast, Speer Boulevard is on the south and Federal Boulevard corners the west.

This redeveloped area is a very popular spot for millennials and baby boomers. It’s known for its trendy street taco restaurants, amongst many other fine dining areas. Due to it’s approximate location to areas known for crime, homeowners that travel frequently or live alone are concerned about break-in’s. Sometimes even burglar alarms and cameras aren’t enough protection.

By simply employing a thick, LLumar Safety & Security film in combination with our C-Bond Glass Priming Solution we can increase your glass strength and flexibility by up to 100%. Independent tests prove that our C-Bond Glass Priming Solution makes our film bond 50% better than our competitors. The C-Bond increase film cure time by 75% and reduces glass failure from thermal shock. This is extremely important for our customers living at high elevations. C-Bond is the new standard for Best Practice on all window film applications. We are proud to be one of the 1st companies in Colorado to offer this type of protection to the residential sector.

C-Bond has been installed at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters, as well as the FBI Headquarters, just to name a few. Our C-Bond II is the only Safety & Security film protection system to pass the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level 1 and Level 2A and the UL 752 ballistic-resistant tests. We can even provide bomb blast protection, up to a GSA (General Service Administration) Level 2. For added protection from break-in’s, vandalism, bomb blast, small firearms and ultra violet radiation contact us at 720-401-4940 or through our email where you can upload a photo of your project to our secure website. Info@homewindowtinting.com.