Decorative Home Window Film Denver

If you’re looking for a classy solution to update the windows in your place, Home Window Tinting Denver can help! We carry a wide variety of specialty films sure to create a look that’s right for you. These view control technology films can add color, texture, privacy and ambiance to any room at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass with decorative glass. They come in many different privacy ratings with a look that ranges from partially obscured to completely non-visionary.

Applying frosted window film to a bathroom window is an easy way to add privacy. Perhaps you have clear glass on your shower walls and door. We specialize in custom sized privacy bands with non-visionary films installed at the center of your shower doors for added privacy. These films allow plenty of light into the shower area and you can still see the rest of the bathroom.

Front door sidelites are another popular area for applying decorative films. Why cover up these area with curtains or blinds to prevent unwelcome eyes into your home, when you can simply apply window film instead?

Decorative Window Films:

  • Cost friendly solution for bathroom windows with privacy concerns.
  • Limits visibility to those passing by front door sidelites.
  • Provides a “designer” look to your home.
  • Reduces harmful glare.

Get the latest looks in decorative window film from LLumar  including Gradients, Elegant Frosts, Etched Patterns and Textured Films, all in a variety of colors. Let your imagination go wild with Home Window Tinting Denver!

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