Block the summer heat with Home Window Tinting Denver

When selecting a Vista window film product for your Colorado home what are the most important things to look for?

Since Colorado is a heating state and not a cooling state it is important to select the correct tinting or it will cost you more money in larger heating bills during the winter months. One thing that we have noticed is that 99% of the dealers in Denver are selling solar films best suited for Arizona, not Colorado.

This is because they do not qualify to be a LLumar SelectPro dealer and don’t have access to Eastman Chemicals Vista line of Low-e all season energy control films. The key specifications to look for are the amount of summer heat the film blocks and the Emissivity rating of that product. Total solar energy rejected is a rating of how much heat the film blocks.  The Vista line of films filters out more summer heat than other brands with a similar darkness.

The problem we see with other manufacturer’s films is that they have an Emissivity rating between .60 and .84. This means with their products in the winter 60% to 84% of your heat will be lost out your window. Our Vista VE-35 Low-e film only lets 29% escape!  This extra low-e coating is valuable for Colorado homeowners because it saves you money on your heating bill in the winter. Installing their products cost you more because your furnace is working harder to make up for all of the nighttime heat loss.

Our Vista Low-e series VE-35 Ambiance home window tinting is the best product on the market for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its blocks 72% of the summer heat in a 35% darkness film which is unheard of. It also has an Emissivity of .29 which is by far the best product to choose for homes in Colorado. Our competitor’s films will also void your window manufacturer’s warranty where our Eastman Chemicals Vista line takes over the warranty for you so there is no risk to you from thermal shock glass breakage or seal failure.

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