Best Ways to Protect Your Furniture Fabric from Sun Damage

Everyone loves the sun but we are all aware that it can cause damage. If we spend too much time in the sun, we can get a sunburn. If our furniture is exposed to too many UV rays, it will slowly fade over time causing permanent damage. If you’ve been reading this blog you’re well aware of how LLumar® Window Films can create a more comfortable home environment and prevent sun damage in your home but what else can you do?

Sealant options

While everyone thinks of their home as an investment not many people feel the same way about furniture but that’s exactly what it is. When you buy furniture, you expect to have it for a very long time especially if you plan to establish roots wherever you live. Wood is especially susceptible to sun damage. There are multiple different ways to protect it such as:


Made from resins, oil, and solvents, varnish is used as the top coat and can come in a variety of different finishes. They protect your furniture from ultraviolet light, heat, and water. It takes about 24 hours to dry and another week to cure.


Made up of solvent and nitrocellulose resin, is easy to apply, polish and repair scratch marks. It’s fast drying and creates a hard shell that gives furniture a glossy finish with durable, long-lasting protection.


You can consider Polyurethane a plastic liquid that hardens to protect your wood furniture. It comes in both water and oil-based products with the water-based having a low toxicity level. Because they are susceptible to cracking from excess heat or sudden shock, it makes it less ideal to use for curved or excessively detailed furniture.


A natural product made from lac bug resin and mixed with alcohol, Shellac is a fast-drying sealant that brings out the rich warmth of wood grains. It looks amazing on walnut, mahogany and fine veneer woods. It’s easy to apply but isn’t as durable and can’t withstand heat as much as the other finishes.

Wax and Oil Finishes

The easiest to apply finishes of the ones listed above, all you need is a rag and some extra time on the weekend to make it work. With that being said, it also lacks the durability of the others on this list and also requires a lot more upkeep. You’ll most likely need to apply a new layer on little-used furniture every 3 to 5 years with more used furniture, such as your tabletop, every 6 months!

Which Sealer is the Best?

Sealers can both protect your wood and enhance the appearance of it. The best one depends on your wood and where you live. While our home window tint can help protect your furniture, adding a layer of sealant can help preserve it for even longer. Your furniture will be like new for years at a time!

Other tips to prevent fading

Move rugs around to prevent outlines and spread out exposure to the sun. With our home window film, your wood floors will have much less sun damage over time than homes without it. Moving your rug around will add even more protection in and around your home.

Sun and leather don’t mix very well as it can cause drying and fading. The darker the color, the more issues it will have with fading over time. You can apply leather conditioner while also limiting sun exposure to help prevent this and we suggest doing so twice per year!

If you have any questions about protecting your furniture or are ready to get home window film installed in your home, give us a call!