Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Residential window film can help make your home a safer and more comfortable place to live. Learn how to reduce harmful ultra-violet radiation and maximize the life of your prized possessions. Eastman’s LLumar and Vista home window films help control the sun and help you live and work in much greater comfort.

The Colorado sun will make certain rooms too hot and drench them with way too much glare. The heat and glare are the main components of what causes fading to your expensive furniture and hardwood flooring. In fact, ultra -violet radiation or UV is the largest single contributing factor to fading of your homes furnishings, artwork and flooring. The process known as photo-degradation is where the UV light portion of the solar spectrum deteriorates the molecules in the materials used in the construction of your furnishings, flooring and priceless artwork. Its doesn’t take long for our Denver, Colorado customers to see the effects of UV damage inside their homes.

So what is the best way to prolong the life of your furnishings, flooring and artwork? There are many options available today. New replacement windows can help block the UV rays by adding more panes of glass. Unfortunately, that will not protect your belongings nearly as well as applied LLumar and Vista home window film. Adding replacement windows can be very expensive and discarded old window crowd our landfills. Just one replacement window can cost more than $700.00. Many homeowners try spraying UV protective treatments on their fabric, leather and wood, but these are not permanent solutions and they need to be re-applied regularly in order for you to stay protected.

LLumar and Vista home window films offer a permanent life-long solution for your home that provides 365 days a year protection against fading and sun damage. Now you can maximize the life of your home’s fabrics, artwork and hardwood floors and maintain their original color and vibrancy for much longer.

At a fraction of the cost of glass replacement, LLumar and Vista home window film is a cost-effective solution that never needs to be reapplied. It lets the good light come through, but filters out the damaging UV. This means that you can leave your blinds open all day long and enjoy unobstructed views while still protecting your furnishings, artwork and flooring. Your home is your biggest investment. Let LLumar and Vista help protect it!

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