Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting Denver (HWTD) offers a full line of window films from manufacturer’s like LLumar, Vista, Huper Optic, CoolVu and Heat Shield.

Residential window tinting has become incredibly popular in the Denver Metro Area. You may wonder why. Actually, there are many reasons for its increased demand.

Global Warming: We’re all familiar with the concept of Global Warming and some of us have our doubts about whether or not its real. According to Global Warming Denver, an organization that is committed to tracking climate trends in Denver, summers in Denver are definitely getting hotter and we’re experiencing more “record highs”.

Reduce Heat and Glare: Window films are available in a myriad of types ranging from “water clear” to dark or reflective. Some are earth toned, while others may appear slightly green or blue. The type that you choose dictates how much heat and glare the film blocks. Clear films don’t reject as much heat and glare as darker versions.

Our Vista SpectraSelect VS-70 SR CDF blocks up to 53% of the total solar energy and rejects 22% of the glare.

UV Protection: Whether you’re looking to protect your skin from damaging UV rays or you want to reduce damage to flooring, furniture or art work, window film is highly effective at reducing exposure. UV damage to skin and items in your home is caused by a combination of UV rays penetrating glass, the amount of visible light coming in and the degree of total solar exposure.

All window films block 99% of the ultraviolet rays.Safety & Security: What of the hidden benefits of window film is that it holds glass together in the event that you have a break in or someone tosses a baseball through your window. Typical glass tends to shatter into sharp pieces that can hurt occupants.

Privacy: Some homeowners have windows positioned so that neighbors or people passing by have an uncomfortably clear view into their homes. Solar Window Films can provide daytime privacy for these situations. Frosted films are also effective and are commonly used in side lights and bathrooms.

Cheaper Than Window Replacement: Everything has an expected “useful life”, including windows. Not everyone can afford to replace their windows, but applying window film can add insulation value to your home at a fraction of the cost.

Our Vista Low-e series of window films offer year-round protection by keeping the heat out during the hot, summer months, while helping keep heat in during colder months. Check out Vista Ambiance VE-35 SR CDF and Vista Radiance VE-50 SR CDF for more information.

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